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Pinterest is an American social networking platform and image-sharing platform that uses pinboards made of photos and, to a lesser extent, animated GIFs and videos to allow users to save and find content such as recipes, home decor, fashion, motivation, and inspiration online. Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp are the people behind the website’s creation, and it is currently run by Pinterest, Inc., a company with its headquarters in San Francisco.

The Background of Pinterest

Ben Silberman and Paul Sciarra’s Tote app, a virtual replacement for print catalogs, served as the foundation for Pinterest. Tote had a lot of problems as a company, especially with mobile payments. When the app was launched, users were unable to use it to make many purchases since mobile payment technology was not yet developed enough to facilitate quick on-the-go transactions. On the other hand, Tote users were compiling enormous lists of their favourite goods and sharing them with fellow users. The behaviour motivated Silberman, who redirected the company’s efforts toward creating Pinterest, a platform that allowed users to assemble collections of different things and share them with one another.

2009 – 2012

The website Pinterest began developing in December 2009, and in March 2010 it presented a restricted beta version of its prototype. Nine months after it was established, 10,000 people had visited the website. In his letter to the first 5,000 customers, Silbermann claimed to have provided his phone number and even set up meetings with some of them. Early in March 2011, an iPhone app was released, and more people downloaded it than was anticipated. An iPad app and Pinterest Mobile, a version of the website designed for non-iPhone users, came after this. Up until the summer of 2011, Silbermann and a few programmers ran the website out of a modest apartment.

During this time, Pinterest experienced remarkable growth. Pinterest was included in Time magazine’s article titled “50 Best Websites of 2011” on August 10, 2011. With 11 million unique visitors each week as of December 2011, the website was in the top 10 social networking sites. In 2011, Pinterest took home the TechCrunch Crunchies Award for Best New Startup. The site became the fastest website to surpass the 10 million unique visitor mark ever in January 2012, according to data from comScore, with 11.7 million unique U.S. visits. Pinterest received Best Social Media App and People’s Voice Award for Best Visual Design at the 2012 Webby Awards.

Pinterest revised its terms of service on March 23, 2012, removing the clause allowing it to commercialise the material of its users. On August 10, 2012, Pinterest changed its rules so that no invitation or request was necessary to use the service. In October 2012, Pinterest launched business accounts, allowing businesses the choice to either create new accounts from scratch or transform their existing personal accounts into business accounts.

Pre-covid (Upto 2019)

In April 2017, Pinterest discontinued its “liking” option for content because it conflicted with “boards,” which are user-assembled groups of posts. Users’ already-existing liked-post indexes were transformed into a collection with the same name.

Although the company began as a “social network” with message boards, it has now placed a greater emphasis on visual search and e-commerce, including shopping catalogues. The Wall Street Journal reported in February 2019 that Pinterest had registered in secret for a stock initial public offering (IPO). The corporation was then valued at a total of $12 billion. On April 18, 2019, they went public at a price of $19 a share, closing the day at $24.40.

In comparison to 2019, Pinterest’s advertising income for 2020 increased by 48 percent to $1.7 billion. Pinterest unveiled “Pinterest Premiere” on March 3, 2021, a product for video advertisements “that will show up in people’s feeds, targeted to their interests and other attributes.” Later in April, Chief Financial Officer Todd Morgenfeld made preparations to spend more money on marketing to make up for any potential decline in activity once the US economy resumed and more people received COVID-19 vaccinations.

Post Covid

According to a Bloomberg article from October 20, 2021, PayPal is considering buying Pinterest for an estimated $70 per share. Later that week, the board and management of PayPal made the decision to abandon a proposed merger. Pinterest purchased the editing and video-making app Vochi in December 2021. Following this, it was revealed in May 2022 that Pinterest has launched a brand-new video streaming app called “Pinterest TV studio.” The app’s goal is to enable users to live-stream on its platform and use various devices for various camera perspectives while doing so.

On June 28, 2022, Pinterest announced that Bill Ready, an authority on internet commerce, would take over as CEO and a member of the Board of Directors, and that co-founder, CEO, and president Ben Silberman would move into the newly established position of Executive Chairman. At CES in January 2023, Pinterest announced a partnership with LiveRamp, a platform for data enablement, to develop data “clean rooms” for certain platform marketers. The use of first-party data for targeted advertisements will be made possible by these “clean rooms” for Pinterest’s ad partners without the need to share the data with Pinterest. This collaboration aims to boost advertising on the platform while protecting user data and abiding by new data collecting laws, as data privacy is a major concern for both online platforms and their users. With a wintertime campaign promoting healthy eating, grocery store Albertsons will be the first advertiser to test this tool.

How may we utilise Pinterest?

Each month, more than 200 million individuals visit the social network to learn about new goods, foods, places, publications, influencers, and a host of other things. But individual users like you and I aren’t the only ones who can utilise Pinterest. For companies and organisations wishing to develop an engaged audience and attract beneficial traffic to their website, it also represents a big opportunity:

  • More than 52% of Pinterest users say the site helps them locate products to buy.
  • 61% say Promoted Pins have introduced them to new companies and goods.

This platform is perfect for storing your to-do craft list, recipes to try, kid-friendly activities, organisation tips, and much more! Even better, use Pinterest to “Pin” intriguing content you want to remember, such as money-saving suggestions or how-to articles.

To keep everything organised and make it easier for other users to find new content related to their interests, users upload or Pin their favourite content to boards with a similar subject. If you haven’t already done so, you may learn how to create a Pinterest account here. After registering, you can begin sharing content and, therefore, social media marketing on the network.

Account Making

To get started with Pinterest, sign up for a free account, and then begin exploring.

  • Check out You’ll watch a slideshow that offers you an idea of the kinds of topics that can be inspired by Pinterest.
  • In the top-right corner of the website, click Sign up.
  • Enter your email, make a password, and your age before choosing Continue.
  • A message saying “Welcome to Pinterest” will appear. To proceed, click Next.
  • Decide on your gender identification.
  • Choose your country or area after settling on a language.
  • You can add more later. After making your selections, click Done.
  • Based on your interests, Pinterest creates a default home feed. The pictures you view are known as Pins.
  • To find out more information on a Pin, click it. You may view the image’s uploader and any previous comments.
  • To save the picture to a board, choose Save.
  • Click Follow to see the uploader’s Pins and follow them.
  • You are offered to create a new board once you choose Save. Choose Create and give the board a name.
  • The following time you choose and save an image on Pinterest, you can choose to save it to an existing board or make a new board.
  • To return to your home feed at any moment, choose Home. Based on the Pins you’ve liked and saved, the ones you see are constantly updated.
  • Go to the Today tab in the upper-left corner to discover trending topics and themes related to your interests.
  • Visit the Following page to see the most recent pins from the boards and people you follow, as well as to find recommendations for individuals to follow based on your interests.


The Pinterest experience revolves around pins, which are also how users find new material. Pins are electronic bookmarks that you collect on boards, according to Pinterest. Pins that you find on Pinterest can be saved, and you can also add new ones from your favourite websites. A link back to the original source is usually included with an image, infographic, or video on each Pin.


According to Pinterest, Boards are where you save and arrange your Pins. You can create boards for everything, so save your favourite recipes to one board and your ideal vacation spots to another. Businesses and brands may select their preferred content on boards based on hundreds of subjects and interests that customers can peruse easily.


Businesses may still offer their followers a tonne of value through Repins even if they aren’t producing original material for Pinterest. A person who is browsing Pinterest engages in a repin when they add a Pin to their own board. It’s vital to keep in mind that the person who originally pinned the image will also receive credit when a user “Repins” an original Pin. Remember that regardless of how many times a piece of information is Repinned, the original source link always remains active.

Promoted Pins

Like many other social media platforms, Pinterest offers companies a wide range of advertising alternatives to help them get their content in front of new consumers. They are known as Promoted Pins on Pinterest. Promoted Pins are those that companies pay to show in areas where users are more likely to see them. Based on a user’s interests and activity on the platform (or the fact that they visited an advertiser’s website or app), Promoted Pins are displayed to them.

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  • Extend your clientele. Many of the active users that frequent Pinterest are drawn to the platform primarily for shopping.
  • Determine new trends. Small business owners can learn about emerging trends by following influencers in their sector.
  • cause congestion. The website of a business can receive visitors via Pinterest. Pins that are optimized well are more likely to receive repins and impressions.
  • Analyze data to gain insights. The statistics for impressions, engagements, clicks, and views are provided by Pinterest corporate accounts.
  • advertisements with a specific audience. User-created customized ad campaigns on Pinterest can assist in raising brand exposure by focusing on a particular user interest.

What do Pinners and Pins represent?

  • On Pinterest, any shared content is known as a pin. Pins are the name given to the content on Pinterest. Pins refer to the things you upload to Pinterest and the things you view there. For instance, a Pin in the Facebook universe would be a Facebook post. People can share and comment on posts that you publish (Pin). On your wall or Pinterest feed, you will similarly see other people’s posts (Pins).
  • They utilize Pinterest as a pinner. Instagram users use Instagram, members of LinkedIn exist, and Snapchat users are referred to as Snapchatters. The term “Pinner” is used to describe Pinterest users.
  • Where users organize, their Pins are on a board.
  • Users can contribute to a board made by another user in a group setting if that user has given contributors permission to do so. For Pinterest, pin codes are similar to QR codes. They let users share Pinterest accounts.

Finding and sharing images and video material is done through Pinterest. It introduces users to fresh concepts, goods, and materials while allowing them to share what they discover with other people. Pinterest users add interesting photos and videos to pinboards. Additionally, they are able to find and curate material created by others. The website is used to discover inspiration, pick up a new skill, and shop for goods using concepts from content on Pinterest.

Utilizing Pinterest, businesses may advertise their goods and services to people who share similar interests and pastimes. Access to analytics on Pinterest, advertising opportunities, and unique content formats are all available to businesses. Pins from other websites, such as Etsy, Instagram, and YouTube, can be linked to Pinterest so that they can be associated with the company.

Pinterest tags can be used to monitor the actions users take after viewing a company’s Pinterest advertisement on a website. A piece of code integrated into a webpage is called a tag. Tags aid companies in tracking the effectiveness of campaigns and maximizing conversions.

Which kind of pins are available?

Through the publication of postings known as Pins, Pinterest enables its users to share visual ideas and inspiration. A board is a collection of Pins where all Pins must be published. Users can also Pin your Pin to their own boards, effectively storing it. As a result, Pinterest spends a lot of time curating content by producing and pinning boards full of pertinent content related to a specific theme. Some people even use Pinterest to compile Pins that adhere to a certain Pinterest aesthetic.

These are the six different categories of Pinterest posts:

  • Static Pins: A static pin is made up of just one image.
  • Ideas Pins: Each Ideas Pin can have up to 20 images or videos uploaded to it.
  • Pins with a single video are known as “video pins.” When they are viewed on the feed, they will begin to play automatically.
  • Rich Pins: Rich Pins will automatically update your Pins with content from your website. Rich Pins are in three varieties, which are as follows:
    • Recipes pins: When you save recipes from your website, you may add a title, portion size, cook time, ratings, diet preferences, and an ingredient list using recipe pins.
    • Article pins: Article pins let you include the headline, author, and description of an article or blog post from your website.
    • Product Pins: These display your product’s most recent pricing, availability, and other details in your PIN. Users can click on Product Pins to buy your products by going to your website or finishing the transaction right there on Pinterest.
  • Collection pins: Product Pins that have been gathered together into collections are known as collection Pins. An individual can shop for every item in the collection by clicking on a specific product Pin.
  • Products to try on Pins: Through the use of Pinterest Lens and the Try-on function, users may virtually try on anything they find on the Pinterest app.


Carousel Pins

Instead of showing just one photo, carousel pins show several. A carousel pin may include up to five images. If you are an experienced Pinterest marketer with some free time, try experimenting with your pin photos. This could be useful for product merchants who provide the same item in a variety of designs, layouts, or covers.

Try on Product Pins

Try on Product is a brand-new Pin format that isn’t often accessible. Try on Pinners can use the Pinterest Lens to virtually “try on” items they see on Pinterest by using pins that incorporate augmented reality (AR) filters.

What are Pinterest Boards, and how do they differ?

Your Pinterest Pins are arranged on boards, in contrast to the typical images uploaded on Facebook or Instagram. Users can save particular pins to collections on Pinterest called boards. Typically, each board has a distinct autonomous theme or goal. You might have a board for graphic design or social media marketing, for instance.

Create Board

After logging into your account, go to the top right of the screen and click the Add+ icon to create a Pinterest board. The options to add a pin, upload material, or make a board will be presented to you in a pop-up box.

The platform will prompt you to provide the relevant details regarding the content you’ll be gathering after you choose Create a Board. Decide who should have access to your Pinterest board, choose a category like “Wedding,” and give it a name. There is a choice to add content alone by yourself or with the help of your friends or contributors. The most attention is typically drawn to Pinterest boards with simple, understandable names. Using fundamental SEO guidelines could be worthwhile.

Tricks to Use

  • Taking part in hot themes and keyphrases: You might be able to draw your audience in by learning what is popular on Pinterest. Assure your audience and business that the stuff you give is pertinent.
  • Using Pinterest advertisements or promoted pins: In general, promoted pins resemble conventional pins. However, if you want your content to be seen by more people, you must pay. Promoted pins increase traffic to your website and brand awareness.
  • Analyzing the data from Pinterest: You may learn more about the people who are viewing your pins and pages using Pinterest analytics. You may discover additional information about audience demographics, the devices that viewers utilize, and other topics.
  • Participating in group boards: Group boards on Pinterest are co-owned collaborative boards. Finding possible partners and getting your pins in front of a bigger audience are both facilitated by doing this.

Difference Between Pins and Boards


An individual item is a pin. On Pinterest, pins are the primary content with which you engage. You can simply browse other Pins without making a Board. Boards, a collection of Pins, must be used though if you want organization or to save Pins.

Follow Boards

Individual Pins cannot be followed on Pinterest. You can Pin them or, in Pinterest lingo, save them on a Board within the platform itself. They are even available for download on your phone. The profile that posted the Pin can also be followed. However, it serves no purpose to follow someone if their other Pins don’t interest you. Pinterest does not require you to follow a user in order to prevent these situations; instead, you should only follow the Board that contains the Pin. Let’s imagine you find a profile’s life quote Pin inspiring. As you look at several Pins from the same board, you see how similar they are. If you look at their other boards, they aren’t your style. Therefore, in these situations, you might follow the individual Boards rather than the profile.

Download Pins

You can download certain Pins to your phone if you like them in addition to storing them in your Pinterest profile. You can use several techniques to download Boards even though Pinterest doesn’t provide a native download option. You can read our other post here to see the trick and the process for downloading Pins.


The Boards you make are by default public. The Boards and Pins in your profile are visible to anyone who visits it, so. These Boards and Pins will also show up in the search results. However, if you’d like, you may keep them confidential. On Pinterest, secret boards are reserved for private use. Both the Pins you add to these Boards and their absence from your profile prevent them from showing up in search results. You can store all the amazing stuff inside without anyone seeing it, kind of like your own personal collection centre. The Secret Boards are distinguished by having a lock icon before their name.

Pinterest marketing definition

In order to increase brand awareness, interact with your audience, and direct visitors to your website, businesses use Pinterest marketing to post branded material on this visually stimulating network. Marketing on Pinterest is a potent technique to get new clients because many people want purchasing inspiration.

The less cluttered environment of Pinterest is quite helpful for developing your brand. Pinterest has a stronger visual appeal than other social networking platforms. You could get out of your rut by using Pinterest. It is a marketing treasure trove that is undervalued. Many companies, mostly those in e-commerce, now rely heavily on Pinterest as a source of social revenue. You’d be negligent if you didn’t make use of this platform to increase your circle of influence and turn admirers into clients.

In a poll conducted by Pinterest, it was discovered that 66% of users made a purchase as a result of seeing a brand’s pins, and 90% of users claimed that Pinterest assists them in making purchasing decisions. I believe the information I’ve provided is sufficient for you to see what a wonderful opportunity using Pinterest as a marketing channel would be. It would aid in both the expansion of your company and the body’s production of dopamine, a chemical associated with pleasure.

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Searches on Pinterest are unbranded in 97% of cases. It follows that when using Pinterest to browse, users do not look up specific brand names. Remembering this can help you better understand how Pinners behave. Such a large proportion of unbranded searches implies that Pinterest users utilize the platform to look for motivation and novel concepts.

In order to attract customers who are just starting their shopping process, you should plan your Pinterest marketing strategy accordingly. In this instance, it will be crucial to get your brand and goods on their newsfeed. Showing customers what your product can accomplish will be more effective than trying to make a complicated sale by using techniques like discounts, upsells, and cross-sells, which are best used in the later stages of the buying funnel.

Between January and August 2020, there will be a 300 percent increase in checkout and add-to-cart conversions. Remember that Pinterest has incorporated a number of tools to make platform shopping more practical. The data also line up with the shift to online retail brought on by the pandemic.

The advantages of Pinterest marketing

Increase brand awareness

Every month, more than 400 million people use Pinterest to find inspiration for their upcoming purchases, solutions to their issues, and project ideas. When you publish something on Pinterest, you may expect to reach and grow a global audience in addition to a new audience in your local nation. On Pinterest, there is enormous potential for reach and brand recognition.

More clicks to your website

Unavoidably, more views of your content will result in more website visits. Standard Pinterest pins are fantastic since they can be clicked. This implies that all you need is a compelling pin with a link to your website where they can learn more. Of course, without the proper approach, this won’t happen right away, but once you have it in place, you’ll start to see a significant change in your website traffic.

Pins are evergreen content!

One of my favorite advantages of using Pinterest for business is that you can actually pin only once and enjoy ongoing engagement on it for years to come. Any format of a Pinterest pin remains accessible. They remain on Pinterest until the account owner decides to remove them. Naturally, you can’t just show up on Pinterest, drop one pin, and expect it to receive thousands of clicks for the next five years. Creators who are frequently active on Pinterest are rewarded. The algorithm will display your pins to other users more frequently the newer stuff you can regularly produce and pin to Pinterest. As you reach more people, your efforts will be rewarded.

Your pins may appear in Google search results

How often do Google searches turn up Pinterest pins as the top results? Many people don’t even think about it when they are investigating their Pinterest marketing because it can happen frequently (particularly in picture searches). Your pins can rank on Google AS WELL AS Pinterest with the proper Pinterest SEO tactics.

Lead Generation on Autopilot

Because Pinterest is a fantastic tool for producing leads for your organization, its advantages will be very beneficial to you. Because the platform is visual, it’s simple to exhibit your goods and services and you can target potential clients depending on their interests. Additionally, you can utilize Pinterest to promote your website or other online domains. To improve your efforts, you can build pins that point to your website or particular landing pages and monitor their effectiveness. Utilizing Pinterest makes it simple to create leads automatically and convert them into customers.

Grow Your Email List

Growing your email list is easy with Pinterest. In fact, one of the key advantages of Pinterest for businesses is the ability to build pins that point to particular landing pages. Then, you can use these pages to gather potential clients’ email addresses and other details. Utilize Pinterest ads to expand your audience and increase lead generation. You can rapidly and efficiently create an email list using these adverts because they can target particular people depending on their interests.

How is marketing using Pinterest?

Brand your profile

Creating a brand for your profile is the first step in becoming visible on any social media platform. Make sure your Pinterest account is for business and not personal before you begin. You have access to extra tools like analytics and advertisements as a result. After that, brand your Pinterest profile to make it clear that it belongs to your business. Some methods for doing it are as follows:

Customize your profile visuals

The best place to reinforce your branding is through your profile’s images. Simply ensure that your visuals are of a high standard and align with your brand to give your profile a branded appearance. You should brand your profile photo and cover as the two key profile parts.

Profile photo

Choose the profile picture that most accurately depicts your company. Most likely, all that is contained in this 165 × 165-pixel image is your logo.


Your cover is the ideal location to include graphics, product images, a picture of your office, seasonal imagery, and other images that symbolize your business.

Write your bio

All of your social media bios should be the same. Since they all have a similar character restriction (Pinterest’s is 160), it is simple to write one bio and utilize it for all of them. Hashtags aren’t required for your Pinterest bio, but you should succinctly and clearly express your brand’s mission and its products. Additionally, make an effort to naturally incorporate pertinent keywords; we’ll talk more about keywords later.

Brand your board covers

Make sure the Pinterest board covers you choose to go well with the rest of your profile and your branding. You may accomplish this in a few different ways. First, you can make individual board covers, upload them to each board, and connect them to your website. You can also just pick a single Pin from each of your boards to use as your cover. Choose a picture for each cover that has a similar theme to keep your boards looking coherent, such as Sprout’s use of teal colors.

Develop a Pinterest strategy for your content

You must post frequently and purposefully on social media, just like any other channel. For this reason, you want a content marketing plan for Pinterest. Content of all kinds, including blog entries, infographics, and product Pins, does well on the site. The possibilities are unlimited now that links may be added to any PIN. However, your choice of content will rely on what is appropriate for your brand.

Engage with the community

Creating Pins that encourage comments or simple clicks via a carousel or Idea Pin is what “engaging with the community” means in terms of content. However, it also entails answering Pinners when they make comments on your content—don’t abandon your audience in suspense. Your social monitoring doesn’t have to become more difficult by incorporating another platform. Messages and direct messages are organized using a social media management tool. For instance, with Sprout Social’s Smart Inbox, you can respond to messages from all of your other social media platforms as well as comments from Pinterest in one place.

You can build a community by participating in and starting group boards where people can contribute, exposing your work to new audiences. To determine if they offer group boards relevant to your sector, look for well-known Pinners in your niche and examine their profiles. In the description of a board, many users will offer rules or a link to register for the board. After joining, stay engaged on those boards by pinning your material and curating other posts to ensure that you’re not only pushing your own company. Additionally, there are many security measures you can implement if you wish to establish group boards. You have the authority to assign collaborators, establish limitations on what they may accomplish, make rules notes, and dismiss anyone who disobeys them.

Focus on Pinterest SEO

In essence, Pinterest is a visual search engine designed for discovery; in reality, the vast majority of searches on Pinterest are unbranded. Apply these guidelines to your profile and concentrate on your Pinterest SEO to observe an improvement in your ranking. Find search terms for your product, industry, and popular content by doing some keyword research on Pinterest. Finding rising search terms is easy with the help of the Pinterest trends page that was previously described.

However, you can find related phrases others are using by just browsing Pinterest. Take note of the keywords that are given in the example below for the term “DIY plant hanger.” If I were to create a Pin about a DIY macrame plant hanger, I might add the phrases “Easy DIY plant hanger” and “Macrame instructional” to it in order to attract interest from relevant searches.

How can I market to businesses using Pinterest?

When done correctly, Pinterest B2B marketing—also known as marketing to businesses on Pinterest—can be a successful tactic. The following actions will aid in your Pinterest business marketing:

Create a Pinterest Business Account:

  • To get started, register for a Pinterest Business account, which gives you access to statistics, advertising choices, and other tools geared toward businesses.

Optimize Your Profile:

  • Make sure your profile photo is professional.
  • Create a captivating and educational business description.
  • Include a link to the landing page or company website.

Create Relevant Boards:

  • Create themes for your boards that are associated with your industry or target market.
  • Include bulletin boards showcasing your company’s culture, services, and goods.
  • Make sure the names and descriptions of your boards include relevant keywords for your company.

Curate High-Quality Content:

  • Informational and engaging visuals should be pinned.
  • Use movies and photographs with a high resolution.
  • Make sure your pins are attractive and complement the aesthetics of your company.

Engage with Other Businesses:

  • Observe other companies and leaders in the sector.
  • Comment, like, and repin their content.
  • Create connections with other companies and work together.

Create Valuable Content:

  • Create original content for your target audience that is valuable.
  • Think of producing how-to manuals, infographics, and other educational pins.
  • Show off your industry knowledge.

Use Keywords:

  • In your pin descriptions, conduct research and include pertinent keywords.
  • To improve discoverability, use popular keywords in your niche.

Pin Consistently:

  • Regularly pinning will help you stay active.
  • For a constant stream of content, use a scheduling tool.
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Utilize Rich Pins:

  • Rich Pins make themselves more enticing to businesses by including extra details like product prices and real-time information.

Promote Your Pins:

  • To successfully target the audience for your business, use Pinterest ads.
  • Determine your target market, set a budget, and monitor the effectiveness of your promoted pins.

Measure Results:

  • To monitor the effectiveness of your pins and boards, use Pinterest Analytics.
  • Investigate the pins that are generating the greatest interaction and conversions.

Collaborate with Influencers:

  • Decide who the thought leaders or influencers are in your sector.
  • Reach a larger B2B audience by collaborating with them.

Integrate Pinterest on Your Website:

  • Your website should have sharing links for Pinterest.
  • Embed boards from Pinterest or pins there.

Run Contests and Giveaways:

  • Run competitions to promote user-generated content that is relevant to your company.
  • By offering gifts or discounts, you can encourage involvement.

Monitor and Adapt:

  • Keep an eye on Pinterest trends and modify your approach as necessary.
  • Pay attention to audience input and modify your strategy accordingly.

Keep in mind that since Pinterest is a visual network, your success will be greatly influenced by your ability to create eye-catching images. Building trust and engagement with your B2B audience also requires being genuine and consistent.

Top Reasons to Incorporate Pinterest into Your Marketing Plan

Individuals utilize various social media networks for various purposes

Each social media site is used by users for a different purpose: Marius checks Facebook to stay in touch with his friends and family; he uses LinkedIn for business networking. In general, people view Pinterest as a source of creative inspiration and ideas. The various objectives of this platform’s users can be used to your advantage and to advance your company.

People look up companies and items on Pinterest

In an eMarketer study of social media users and purchase impact, it was discovered that Pinterest was the second site identified after Facebook when people were asked which social media platform influenced them in making a shopping decision (16.4 percent of respondents and 31.8 percent of respondents, respectively). Users use Pinterest to look up products or make purchases. When Jean and George made the decision to renovate their backyard deck, they searched Pinterest for design inspiration. After a short while, they started looking into the things they would require, including whether they should choose a charcoal or propane barbecue.

Pinterest offers a clear path to purchase

The Thénardier’s Threads Pinterest board piqued Amalia’s interest because it was her favorite clothes brand. She stumbled onto a nice sweater while there, clicked on it to open the shop’s website, and discovered other clothing options. She instantly bought a sweater. Pinterest more than any other site gives users a direct and effective route to the products or services they want to purchase.

You can integrate Pinterest into your other social media profiles

On your Facebook or Twitter profile, you can add a sidebar for Pinterest. You can cross-post your pins on several social media websites as well. If necessary, it is also feasible to add a Pinterest sidebar to your homepage. For details, be sure to speak with your site designer.

Pinterest can be creative and fun

On your Facebook or Twitter page, you can add a sidebar for Pinterest. Additionally, you can cross-post your pins on several social media networks. If necessary, it is also possible to add a Pinterest sidebar to your homepage; be sure to ask your web designer for details.

How to create a Pinterest business profile

Your sign-up email must not already be in use on another Pinterest account in order to create a new business account. Instead of using the name of your firm, we advise using your professional email and your own name if you’re an employee or agency partner creating a business account to access your company’s or client’s ad account. This aids the account holder in recognizing and validating the users of their account.

The Business Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of Pinterest are accepted when you create an account.

  • On your screen, click Sign up in the top-right corner.
  • Click Establish a business account.
  • your email address Specify a password and your age
  • Press Create an Account.
  • To build your profile, complete the fields and then click Next.
  • Describe your company in the fields provided, then click Next.
  • If you choose to run advertisements, click Next.
  • If you want to access your new Pinterest business account, click the x icon or the starting point you prefer.

Creating an account while using a private Pinterest profile

A few easy actions are required to create a private Pinterest profile. Visit Pinterest’s website and select “Sign Up” first. Your email address, a secure password, and information about your age are required. Following that, you’ll be given the option to personalize your profile by uploading your name and a profile image. Remember that a profile for a business will perform best with a professional appearance.

To further tailor your feed, Pinterest will question you about your interests. Both manually choosing interests and skipping this step are options. In order to facilitate cross-promotion, you can choose to link your profile to your other social media profiles after that.

Access your settings by clicking on your profile image in the top right corner and choosing “Settings” to make your Pinterest profile private. Turn on the “Private Account” checkbox under “Privacy and Data.” Only users you’ve approved as followers will be able to see your pins and boards thanks to this option.

After there, you may begin making boards and pinning content about your company. To improve discoverability, make sure to enhance your profile and boards with pertinent keywords in order to expand your network and effectively market your business, participate in the Pinterest community by following others, repining, and leaving comments on pins.

How to create a Pinterest strategy that will increase visitors

Create Pins that Direct to Valuable Resources

In order to improve the way users’ home feeds, and display pins, Pinterest changed its algorithm at the start of 2016. According to what I’ve seen, Pinterest appears to be placing more emphasis on displaying pins that link to informative blog entries and other useful resources.

Aim to Grow Your Followers and Reach

Although having a large following is necessary, it’s surprising that it’s not as crucial as you might expect. When I worked on boards with fewer than 10,000 followers, the website generated just as much traffic and repins as boards with 100,000 followers. The secret is to make pins that will reach Pinterest users who aren’t already followers rather than just concentrating on increasing your following.

Use Relevant Keywords in Your Board Names

Make sure your board has a pertinent title if you want to improve the likelihood that your pins will appear in the “Picked for You” and on the interest feeds on Pinterest. If you want to connect with folks who enjoy traveling, naming your board Travel or Travel Tips will make Pinterest aware of the subject. The Great Adventures of Willy Wonka is a smart name that will reduce your odds of turning up.

Use Several Keywords in Your PIN descriptions

Pinterest is reluctant to refer to itself as a social network. It functions more as a discovery tool for ideas and knowledge. Millions of individuals use Pinterest as a visual search engine to find inspiration for their weddings, holiday present ideas, and other tasks they want to get done more easily.

It’s crucial to see Pinterest as a visual Google rather than just focusing on increasing your following for this reason. The description of each pin that goes to your website should contain two to three keywords, just like a good blog post.

Use Guided Search

Use Guided Search to help you and learn what words people are looking for on Pinterest. You’ll notice that there are tiled words underneath the main search bar when you enter a term. Look for words in those tiles that are pertinent to your pin’s description.

Tips for Increasing Engagement on Pinterest

  • Stunning Visual Pins: Produce captivating, high-quality pins that appeal to your target market.
  • Consistency: To maintain visibility in feeds and show that you are active, pin frequently.
  • For better searchability, optimise your keywords and include them in your pin descriptions.
  • Pins with a vertical axis perform better on Pinterest, so give them preference.
  • Rich Pins: Turn on rich pins for information about products, articles, and other improvements.
  • Storytelling: To attract users, utilise your pins to tell an engaging tale.
  • Group Boards: Participate in group boards and add content to broaden your audience.
  • Engagement reciprocity: To promote interaction, like, re-pin, and comment on other people’s content.
  • Analytics on Pinterest: Track metrics to see what’s effective and modify your approach as necessary.
  • Use a call to action that is obvious to compel users to take action.

Advice for Those Seeking Pinterest Management Services

It’s important to approach the option to use Pinterest management services thoughtfully. Assess the service provider’s expertise in the first place. Since Pinterest is a distinct ecosystem with its own dynamics and algorithms, look for experts with a strong understanding of it. It’s equally important to look at their case studies and portfolio to make sure they can provide results. Make sure the supplier can create a tailored Pinterest approach that fits with your particular aims and target audience because every business is different. Also, find out if they have the ability to create compelling material; pins of the highest calibre are crucial. To make a wise decision, it is also important to carefully consider each candidate’s expertise in SEO and analytics, engagement tactics, industry reputation, pricing structure, communication, and contract conditions. The presence of your brand on this visually stimulating platform can be greatly improved by working with a knowledgeable Pinterest management service. This will increase traffic and, ultimately, increase conversions.

What Makes Rawat Store the Best Option for Pinterest Marketing Services?

Several compelling factors make Rawat Store the finest choice for Pinterest marketing services. First and foremost, their team of specialists has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the nuances of Pinterest, enabling them to design customised plans that produce the best outcomes for your company. They have a demonstrated capacity to increase engagement, traffic, and conversions, as evidenced by their track record and portfolio of previous campaigns.

Because of their dedication to personalization, Rawat Store makes sure that their strategy matches your particular business objectives and target market. They are unmatched in their ability to create visually stunning pins and to use SEO keywords to optimise them. They also specialise in increasing your Pinterest community, encouraging user participation, and raising the profile of your company. Their track record of delighted consumers attests to their dependability and excellence, as does their reputation in the field. They are a useful and accommodating option for organisations of all sizes due to their transparent pricing, open communication, and flexible contract terms.

In conclusion, Rawat Store’s full Pinterest marketing services package, supported by knowledge, experience, and a dedication to individualised plans, places them as the finest option for companies looking to maximise their presence and success on this visually stimulating platform.

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